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High pressure washing is not the answer for everything! Sometimes we need to use a combination of chemicals, brushes and equipment to get the job done…even soft washing. Especially if you have painted exterior walls or sandstone that desperately need attention but the problems can’t be blasted away.

At RLS Pressure Washing, we have the knowledge and experience to know the difference and give you the best results without causing damage to your property.

There are so many reasons to get your home or business washed! You may be selling up, or you just moved in…maybe you’re throwing a big party and want everything shining! Whatever your reason, we can help! We can remove build ups of mould, mildew, dirt, grime, spiderwebs, the list goes on…

The external surfaces of your property that may be cleaned include such things as your; guttering (external sides), eaves, fascia, external walls, ceilings of attached pergolas/ verandahs/ alfresco areas, pillars, garage doors and stairs. We can even include a pressure wash of hard floor areas outside your home or business such as the driveway, carpark, entertaining areas, pathways and pool areas.

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